12.4 Going Forward

As professionals in the criminal justice system, it is our duty to serve the public and the interests of justice. This requires us to continually refine strategies to improve our response. It is difficult, if not impossible, to target areas for improvement in any meaningful way without a comprehensive understanding of our current practice. That is where performance management comes in.

The steps involved in performance management may not come intuitively to most prosecutors. The process requires some number-crunching, additional time on top of often heavy caseloads, and a willingness to look critically – albeit constructively – at ones own performance. Taking on performance management is no easy feat.

Inevitably, these processes will evolve over time as new technologies continue to become available, making data collection and processing easier to implement. But doing so now is absolutely within our reach, even for offices with limited resources. This volume serves as a collection of tools for  creating effective, sustainable performance management systems today.