Appendix O: Sample Case Review Timeline

The below timeline provides projected review time for 100-200 cases, assuming an average 2.5 hours to review per case. The anticipated timelines for such a review are:

  • 40 hours a week is 16 cases per week: 12.5 weeks
  • 30 hours a week is 12 cases per week: 16.5 weeks
  • 25 hours a week is 10 cases per week: 20 weeks

Build in time for quality assurance (QA) review which would be the following:

  • 20 hours a week is 8 cases per week: 12.5 weeks
  • 15 hours a week is 6 cases per week: 16.5 weeks
  • 5 hours a week is 5 cases per week: 20 weeks

QA should be conducted weekly to ensure cases are being reviewed in a timely manner. The QA process should be guided by the case review protocol to verify accuracy of coding. QA should also be used to identify inconsistencies in coding across different individuals who are conducting the review (i.e., two cases, same victim characteristics and one person codes it one way, and another does something different). If any major issues come up, reviewers should be provided with necessary feedback and/or training to prevent consistent errors with coding.

Please note that this timeline is only a sample. The schedule can be revised considerably, depending on the number of cases to be reviewed and the personnel available to review them.