Appendix A. Office- and Case-Level Checklists

The two checklists below are intended for use in improving the response to sexual violence cases at the office level and case level. Although the phrasing may differ slightly, these checklists mirror the practices in the RSVP Model. Chief prosecutors, unit supervisors, and other individuals responsible for implementing and promoting policies and practices should use the Office-Level Checklist as a tool to track, create, review, and refine office policies. The four main tasks identified in this Office-Level Checklist provide a guide for an ongoing review process, that should be undertaken at regular intervals.

The Case-Level Checklist is a tool for individual prosecutors to use in the course of preparing and trying a sexual violence case. The Case-Level Checklist sets forth steps to be taken in that process and the special considerations for each. Not every step may be appropriate or necessary in every case; their inclusion in the Checklist is to ensure that no important steps are overlooked or omitted from consideration. Moreover, the Case-Level Checklist is not intended to be exhaustive, but rather a guide to track steps typically necessary and appropriate for cases involving sexual violence.

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